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Paul Jr Watson

Paul Jr Watson joined CultureMix in 2006 whilst in his teens. He started as an assistant music tutor and drummer at the CultureMix Centre for Steel Pan Music quickly developing his teaching skills to become the head of schools music education at CultureMix and a key musician and arranger for RASPO Steel Orchestra.

Paul is also a musician with Slough based steel band Stelphonic. He is an accomplished vocalist leading his own reggae band Iya Rebels and providing vocals for The Mighty Dub Generators.

Paul's role with CultureMix has brought many positive benefits to RASPO improving the orchestra's performance skills for showcase events like The Schools Steel Band Festival and The Peace and Love Concerts.

As the RASPO Panorama Orchestra season captain in 2011 Paul worked with New York arranger Iman Pascall and her team to prepare forty-seven players to compete and perform at the annual London Notting Hill Carnival.

In the same year Paul became the official resident steel pan tuner for CultureMix following four years of intense study. He is one of the youngest pan tuners in the UK.

He continues to grow as an artist in his own right and is a vital contributor to the development of the organisation.

'I want to raise the standard of pan and am keen to be involved in all aspects.'

Iya Rebels
Peace and Love Concerts

Head of music ed Resident tuner Orchestra arranger

Paul Jr Watson

Paul Jr Watson