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Dani Richardson

Dani Richardson is the in house arranger for Reading All Steel Percussion Orchestra (RASPO).

He is a talented multi instrumentalist with exceptional one to one teaching skills. Dani plays and teaches keyboards, drums, violin and steel pans.

He is also an excellent vocalist composing and arranging for choirs, and directing music for steel bands like Stelphonic and Panachea as well as for individual artists.

Dani joined CultureMix in 2006 as a music tutor and orchestra arranger and continues to make a lasting and positive contribution to RASPO's repertoire and performance skills.

'It's a pleasure to work for a company like CultureMix that provides opportunities for diverse people of all ages and backgrounds to perform at, and experience high level venues and events both at home and abroad like the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, The Festival of World Cultures in Dublin, Showtime for the London 2012 Olympics and WOMAD.'

Orchestra arranger

Dani Richardson

Dani Richardson