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Steel Pan Instruments

Choose from a range of finishes for your steel pans including high quality chrome, durable hard wearing powder coated or more affordable painted pans in your choice of colours.
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Painted pans

Steel Pan Sets - To order

Steel pan instrument sets are available in your choice of colour with stands, PanStiX, cases, delivery and set up included. More...

Tenor Pan with chrome finish

Tenor Pans - Melody

We have a selection of tenor pans with a range of finishes including high quality chrome, durable hard wearing powder coated in a choice of colours and painted pans for the discernable budget. More...

Double seconds with chrome finish

Double Seconds - Melody | Harmony | Chords

The double seconds provide harmony to the high melody of the tenor. They also play chords to complement the guitar pans. More...

Guitar pans

Guitar Pans - Chords | Counter melody

Guitar pans play the lower chords to compliment the double seconds or the cellos. More...

Cello Pans

Cello Pans | Triple Guitars - Mid range

The Cello pans also known as triple guitars comprises of three barrels and complements the bass section also playing chords. More...

Tenor bass

Tenor Bass Pans - Harmony bass

The Tenor Bass is made up of four barrels and provides the harmony or higher frequency accompaniment to the low bass instrument. More...

Bass pan detail

Bass Pans - Low bass lines

Bass pans provide the low frequency in the orchestra bring a full deep resonance to the music More...

Woodard Academy Steel Band

Woodard Steel Band - Worthing Herald 15Jan11

Pupils from the Sir Robert Woodard Academy, in Upper Boundstone Lane, celebrated the delivery of a new set of steel drums this week.

The schools steel band will debut at The Academy Band Spectacular, at Worthings Pavilion Theatre, on Friday, January 28, 2011.

James Lelean, artistic director of music performance, said: The steel band is the latest addition to a long-line of successes in the performing arts.

The academy has invested heavily in this new development which will increase the range of musical opportunities available to our students.

The highly distinctive sound of a steel band immediately conjures up images of different cultures and students are looking forward to embracing this through their music.

As well as the steel band, The Academy Band Spectacular will also feature the Academy Band, Junior Band and Samba Band, all appearing under the musical direction of Mr Lelean and Laura Fauvel.

The bands will perform a selection of music, from show themes and popular music to jazz standards.

If youre looking for an evening of entertainment to help you beat the January blues, then our concert is the place for you, said Mr Lelean.

Worthing Herald 15 Jan 2011
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