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RASPO @ WOMAD 2009 - Show Review

The orchestra musicians, tutors, arrangers, supporters and families were overjoyed to hear the fantastic news of RASPO's confirmed slot at WOMAD's Charlton Park festival in July. WOMAD is the largest world music festival with events in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Spain and America. This would be an opportunity to really show RASPO Steel Orchestra at it's best.

We immediately embarked on shaping a show we would all be proud to remember with an eclectic yet entertaining repertoire, stylish salsa dancers Richard and Pelly, our favourite guest calypsonian and pannist Bubbles, hype man and vocalist Antony 'Bird' Thompson, all topped off with costumes and headdresses, smooth links and a professional presentation to justify the launch of the RASPO Live! CD.

The sixty minute show exceeded our expectations with a warm and welcoming audience of thousands laughing, cheering, clapping and whistling in response to the music, dancing and singing. Although over too quickly the players enjoyed the attention and are still buzzing from the experience.

For me the WOMAD show is a culmination of everyone's hard work over the last ten years and an inspiration to continue bringing steel pan music to new and wider audiences.

With the dedication of the young musicians and the CultureMix team RASPO Steel Orchestra will continue to present the art of playing steel pan music at its entertaining best.

Photo by Douglas Coulter

Photo by Douglas Coulter



RASPO Steel Orchestra launched their debut CD at WOMAD festival in July 2009. The eleven track CD is now available for 10GBP plus postage and packing. Email your contact details and the quantity you require. Contact Us

RASPO costume

Mary headdress Womad09

Designed by Shalika the headdresses especially made for the WOMAD show reflected the t-shirt logo and white colour scheme.