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Kisha Lowe

Kisha plays lead tenor with RASPO Steel Orchestra and the function ensemble. She studied combined hair and beauty with theatrical studies at Reading College and now runs her own beauty business.

In 2009 Kisha became RASPO's vice captain helping to prepare schedules and timetables for performances and updates for players. She joined the RASPO Ensemble regularly playing at private functions and events.

With a great deal of performance experience and her adaptable skills as a carnival arts tutor Kisha has made a professional and positive lasting contribution to RASPO and CultureMix returning to take part in RASPO's major projects including the annual steel band championships.

In 2010 Kisha wrote...
'I have made pan a part of my life, giving up some of the other stuff I used to do but its something I enjoy doing.

Playing pan built my confidence not only by playing in front of an audience, but also teaching, talking in front of a camera, talking to new people, writing reports, improvising songs and creating new songs.

I enjoy pan too much I do not think I will ever leave and I hope that soon I can grow to be a leader and help run the business just like Mary.'

RASPO musician

Kisha Lowe

Kisha Lowe at UK National Panorama Steelband Championship in 2011.
Pic by Kevin Joseph