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Dancer Actor - Richard Benn

Richard Benn is a top rated professional dancer and experienced tutor making him the perfect choice where a Latin Caribbean flavour is required your event.

With over twenty years experience Richard, who has performed in numerous stage shows like the Sexy and Sensual Latin Festival, Womad, and TV appearances like Midsomer Murders, is highly sought after at professional events.

Richard is also an actor with appearances on BBC (Eastenders). He is a poet with experience as a voice over artist and cultural educationalist.

Whether with backing tracks or live musicians this versatile dancer will bring a slick stylishness that will delight and entertain your event guests.
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Dancers Richard and Pelly at WOMAD. Picture: Douglas Coulter

Dancers Richard and Pelly at WOMAD. Picture: Douglas Coulter

Richard Benn

Richard Benn leads a rumba class

Richard offers contemporary dance with authentic African Caribbean and Latin flavours.

His teaching style is suitable for curriculum based physical education or topic projects where special one off cultural workshops are required, for example carnival dance, African kzumba, authentic Cuban rumba and much more.

Richard is versatile and innovative easily inspiring his participants to explore the physicality and expressiveness of dance. More...