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Where can I buy Steel Pans? - How much do they cost?

Accessing instruments can be quite daunting as the best steel pans are handmade by skilled pan makers, of which there are few in the UK.

Steel pans can be ordered direct from Trinidad or through the few UK-based music equipment suppliers connected with manufacturers in Europe and America. This method can take up to six months from order to delivery.

Another option is to source the steel pans from reputable organisations who will work with you to plan the whole project.

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How much does it oost?
Costs can vary enormously between suppliers, as does quality. The more expensive instruments are crafted from thinner materials by reputable tuners, and finished with a high-shine chrome or more durable powder coating. Heavier, painted pans cost less.

The steel pan industry is fairly new so it is important to work with a recommended organisation with experience of providing equipment of a high standard. Whichever choices you make it will cost from £8,000 to £20,000 to buy a set of instruments with accessories. More if you include tutor costs and tuning for the first year.

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Accessories and maintenance

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Primary school children playing steel pan

Primary school children playing steel pan

The Art of Pan Making

Bubbles tuning

Making steel pans requires craftmanship, patience and a good ear for tone and harmonics. Tuners spend years perfecting their skill across the range of steel pan instruments.

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