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Accessories & Maintenance - Looking after your Steel Pans

Necessary steel pan accessories are sticks, stands and cases. A choice of stands are available including versatile 'H' stands and stylish chrome folding stands for travelling.

PanStiX can be purchased for immediate dispatch. Large or small orders welcome.

Cases protect your instruments in storage and in transit. Our waterproof polypropylene cases are available for the full range of steel pans from tenor through to bass pans.

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Tuning and maintenance
With good care and maintenance, your instruments can last twenty years, although bass pans tend to have a shorter life. Store steel pan instruments in cases when travelling or not in use.

By ensuring instruments are never struck hard, knocked or dropped they will stay in tune for longer.

Tuning is an absolute necessity and should be carried out once or twice a year depending on frequency of use. Although tuning a ten-instrument orchestra can set you back hundreds, do not be tempted to wait until the pans become badly out of tune as this will considerably shorten their life and cost more to repair.
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Steel pans should be cleaned using a soft damp cloth and gently polished with a non-corrosive cleaner.

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Setting up a steel band.

PanStiX - sticks and beaters for steel pans in assorted colours

PanStiX - sticks and beaters for steel pans in assorted colours

Pan Stands


H stands are sturdy and safe making them the ideal choice for school steel bands.
Chromed folding stands are the stylish alternative for travelling and where space is limited.

PanRaX Storage

Wooden PanRaX - storage racking for steel pan instruments

CultureMix offers bespoke storage solutions in a choice of materials.
With a small footprint ideal for limited spaces PanRaX stores your instruments safely and tidily out of the way when not in use.
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