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RASPO's PanYard Closes - February 2010

Reading Borough Council engineers noticed fragments of the Abbey Gateway were coming away causing a potential hazard to people passing underneath the arch. RASPO Steel Orchestra practiced regularly in the building which also served as offices for parent company CultureMix Arts Ltd.

With dozens of young people and adults of all ages attending weekly workshops and rehearsals the space gave the orchestra an opportunity to develop their repertoire and increase their popularity and profile at carnival and festival events around the country.

The orchestra is unable to continue until alternative accommodation is secured. PanYard workshops and rehearsals are therefore suspended until further notice.

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Historic gateway shut for safety

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posted 16 February 2010

Abbey Gateway fenced off

Abbey Gateway fenced off

Abbey Gateway fenced off

Access through the fence

RASPO Steel Orchestra's time at the Abbey Gateway has come to an end. Workshops and rehearsals have had to be suspended until alternative space is secured.