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Watlington Hall - 2010-2012

Watlington House is one of Reading's oldest and most interesting buildings, reflected in its Grade 2* listing.

Part of the building is medieval but the back of the house was built for John Watlington, a Reading merchant in 1688 and the front was added in 1763. By 1818 the building was being used as a school and education remained its main use until Kendrick School vacated in 1927.

Since 1931 the building was acquired by Watlington House Management Committee. A Trust providing accommodation for social and educational organisations.

The building is also home to the Mills Archive Trust, a National Repository for images and documents on traditional windmills and watermills.

Watlington House and Watlington Hall Reading

Watlington House and Watlington Hall Reading

RASPO rehearse at Watlington Hall

Watlington Hall PanYard

Set in the walled garden and grounds of the Grade II listed building Watlington House, a few minutes from the city centre, Watlington Hall provided an ideal space for RASPO's rehearsals and workshops with space for parking.