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RASPO Panorama Orchestra

National Panorama Steelband Competition
Saturday 28 August 2010 6pm - 10.30pm
(times may vary)
Hormiman's Pleasance Park, Kensal Road, London NW10 5DB

In playing position number four - RASPO Steel Orchestra!
RASPO will play in fourth position out of the seven bands entering the 2010 National Panorama Steel Band Championships. The seven bands, in order of appearance, are: Croydon Steel Orchestra, Mangrove, Metronomes, RASPO, London All Stars, Real Steel and Ebony.

The bands will start arriving in the afternoon to set up in the street to practice their ten minute arrangements before the performance for the judges. To be eligible for the championship each steel band must have a minimum of 30 players. RASPO is taking 35 players, bands like Mangrove and Ebony have the maximum of 75 players.

This is a very exciting time for RASPO, not only will be be playing at Panorama for the first time but we will also take part in the Notting Hill Carnival Children's Day procession on Sunday 29 August.

So who are the people, the players, the musicians who have been practicing the tune every weekday evening in August? The opportunity to play at a national championship for the first time has attracted a range of people of all ages and backgrounds from the obvious pan music lovers, carnivalists, percussionists and music teachers to a fitness instructor, an award winning goal keeper, two head teachers, an electrician, four primary school children, six university students including one studying a PHD in oceanography, a boy scout and a pentecostal Christian.

The power of the steel pan has brought thirty-five people together to learn a fabulously crafted arrangement, to meet new people, to raise their standard and test their pan playing skills as musicians. RASPO has become one inspired musical family embarking on a first time adventure, a musical journey of discovery, of excellence and skill.

The process is an achievement in itself, on Saturday RASPO must execute it's best rendition of Bubbles' 'Pan on Fire' arrangement for the title of 'Champions of Steel'

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The RASPO Panorama Orchestra 2010

The RASPO Panorama Orchestra 2010

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Saturday 28 August, Horniman's Pleasance Park, Kensal Road, London W10 5DB 6pm - 10.30pm (approx)

Order of appearance:

Croydon Steel Orchestra
RASPO Steel Orchestra
London All Stars
Real Steel