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Richard Benn

Richard Benn is a freelance dance tutor, story teller and poet. He is passionate about the holistic and therapeutic benefits of dance and has a broad range of experience in the education sector.

'Having danced all my life I not only know the physical but also the emotional and spiritual benefits of dance.

It is a well known fact that people who participate in regular dance classes have greater mental capacity, improved memory, and are less likely to suffer with depression due to the endorphins released during dance.

I feel that for learning and development, dance is one of the most diverse activities, enhancing concentration, coordination, balance, flexibility, stamina and strength.'

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Richard dances with the Mambata performance team competing at the UK's 2010 Sexy and Sensual Latin Festival

Richie teaching salsa for dance promoters Nochas Latinas

"Dance enhances concentration, coordination, balance, flexibility, stamina and strength."

Richard Benn


Richard Benn

Richard Benn - dancer

Dance tutor, poet and story teller.