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TASPO to RASPO Exhibition

TASPO to RASPO is an exhibition of paintings by Anisha Thomas and Mary Genis, along with exquisite card designs by Emma Macedo.

The exhibition is part of Jelly's Open for Art project which gives local artists opportunities to showcase their work in empty shop windows.

The CultureMix exhibition features paintings, crafts with an installation of steel pan instruments at different stages; from an example of a raw unfinished pan made from oil drums by tuners in Trinidad, to the shiny chromed instruments we are familiar with today. The installation also displays painted and powder coated instruments with images of TASPO's historic premier performance at the 1951 Festival of Britain along with information on the process of making and tuning.

Two of the paintings on display are by RASPO musician Anisha Thomas who uses a range of media to interpret images of the steel pan instrument at work.
'I really enjoy combining music and art in this manner and I hope my mixed media painting conveys the different dynamics of each note and perhaps gives you an insight into the beauty of the instrument.'
More about Anisha.

The painting by CultureMix director Mary Genis is inspired by a historic photograph of pan round the neck musicians at Trinidad carnival during the instrument's early days of development.
'Painting for me is like therapy, a time for meditation and the exploration of the vibrant colours epitomised by the music of steel pan. I am passionately interested in the future of steel pan music, it's impact on British culture informed by the rich history.'

Creative Cards is the brainchild of RASPO musician Emma Macedo who makes unique hand made cards and has submitted a piece made especially for the exhibition featuring a Christmas scene with steel pans. Demand for the well crafted unique cards is growing. Emma's mission is:
'To make people smile when they receive my handmade card on their special occasion.' More about Emma...
Creative Cards

The TASPO to RASPO exhibition is on display at 173 Friar Street, Reading from 10 December 2011 to 16 February 2012.
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TASPO to RASPO Open for Art Exhibition in Friar Street, Reading, Berkshire

TASPO to RASPO Open for Art Exhibition in Friar Street, Reading, Berkshire

Shop Window

Steel pans, steeldrum instruments and paintings.

For the first time in Reading steel pan instruments are on display for anyone to view, along with paintings, crafts and information on steel pan history and culture.

The exhibition was made possible by Jelly's Open for Art project giving artists exhibition space in empty shops windows.

Festive Pan

Festive Steel Pan Card

The exhibition features a specially made card crafted by RASPO musician Emma Macedo alongside information about Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra, instruments, percussion and books.