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Giant Olympic Rings Launched

Reading All Steel Percussion Orchestra (RASPO) provided entertainment for the Mayor of London's press launch on 28 February 2012. RASPO joined forces with the Akademi Dhol Drummers to create a dynamic percussive soundtrack to the celebrations.

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at the first part of RASPO's Olympic journey in a film made for CultureMix by Bespoke Video.

RASPO's Olympic journey part 1 - Mayor of London's launch of Giant Olympic Rings

Watch video of news coverage from around the world featuring RASPO.
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The official Mayors Office video of the Olympic Rings on the River launch

Mayor of London Boris Johnson launched giant Olympic rings measuring 11 metres high by 25 metres wide on the River Thames on 28 February 2012. The celebration marked 150 days before the Olympic Games and announced 'Showtime', a London wide free outdoor festival.

'Showtime' is London's biggest ever outdoor arts festival and is part of the London 2012 Festival featuring leading UK and international companies who will tour local town centres, high streets and parks bringing the best of outdoor performances from the UK and other parts of the world to every borough.

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Showtime will run from 21 July through to 9 September, in every borough across the capital, with live music and performance, outdoor arts, spectacular and 'pop up' events taking place in surprise locations throughout the city.

The rings, standing at 11 metres (36ft) high and 25 metres (82ft) wide, are coloured on one side and have white LED (light-emitting diode) lights on the other. They cost more than £930,000.

Giant Olympic Rings

RASPO Olympic Rings performance

View video footage of RASPO's performances at the Olympic Rings press launch. More...

Giant Olympic Rings

RASPO Olympic Rings London 2012

RASPO and Akademi Dhol Drummers perform for the Mayor of London's launch of giant Olympic rings celebrating 150 days to the London Olympics.