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A second CD for RASPO - RASPO Rhythms

RASPO's new CD marks the journey of the steel pan instrument since Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra's historic performance at the 1951 Festival of Britain when steel pan music was heard live for the first time in the UK, changing the sound-scape of Britain forever.

The CD opens with a calypso called 'TASPO's Story' written by one of the original TASPO musicians Sterling Betancourt MBE who endorsed the CD by saying:

'I'm honoured that RASPO has chosen my calypso for the CD. When played on TV I had no idea that someone would like it enough to add it to their repertoire. I think they did a good job of it and I wish you all the best with your promotion.'
Watch Sterling's BBC performance here...

With music spanning ten decades of calypso, pop, reggae and classical RASPO Rhythms is dedicated to intrepid RASPO supporter Marian Walker who suddenly and sadly passed away in 2011. Marian's daughter Tanisha has been an orchestra musician since 2006. More...

BBC Radio Berkshire presenter Louise Chandler had this to say
'When I listen to RASPOs new compilation of songs, it impresses me that popular songs by the likes Michael Jackson can be totally transformed.

Listening to this album gives you the chance to appreciate and enjoy the arrangement of songs, the feelings and images they conjure up and brings about a feeling of joy and entertainment. It simply brings a smile to your face!

Let's not forget that the steel pan may look like a simple instrument to learn and play but you can hear how RASPO befriends, coaxs and entices the right notes out of the apparatus and this true inspiring talent should not be underestimated.'

More on Louise Chandler... (external link).

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Please note all proceeds from CD sales contribute towards RASPO's development and instrument maintenance at the CultureMix Centre of Steel Pan Music.

Sterling Betancourt MBE with Mary Genis of RASPO

Sterling Betancourt MBE with Mary Genis of RASPO


TASPO to RASPO image

TASPO to RASPO is a CultureMix project that pays homage to sixty years of steel pan music in the UK.

Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra - TASPO brought the culture of steel pan music to the UK with a premier performance at the 1951 Festival of Britain at the South Bank Centre. It was the first time steel pan music was heard in the UK.

Royal County of Berkshire based RASPO exemplifies a modern British steel percussion orchestra with musicians from twenty different countries, representing the traditional instrument of Trinidad into the future.

RASPO Rhythms

RASPO Rhythms CD cover front and back