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Steel Band Five Piece - RASPO Steel Band

Book a classic steel band and create an authentic Caribbean carnival atmosphere at your event.

RASPO Steel Band is five to seven professional musicians who will entertain your guests with a authentic selection of up tempo Carnival music to get everyone dancing to calypso, reggae, gospel, soul and Caribbean flavoured pop and classical.

The steel band is ideal for birthday parties, weddings and events where you require both background music when guests arrive and up tempo music later on for dancing.

The flexible acoustic steel band requires no power and can set up in thirty minutes inside or outdoors.

RASPO Steel Band musicians are professionals with years of experience providing entertainment at all types of formal functions, festivals, carnivals and private events.

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RASPO Steel Band - five piece ensemble

RASPO Steel Band - five piece ensemble

"The music was fabulous and uplifting, everyone enjoyed themselves."


Wedding reception

Wedding Music

Five piece steel band at wedding reception

A five piece steel band offers both background and dance music for your special day.

This affordable and flexible option is tailor made to suit you and your event.

A five piece steel band provides professional, worry free entertainment to impress and delight your guests.