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World Stories South East - Reading Museum project

RASPO design team worked with Reading Museum on the 'World Stories South East' project to create a new look for RASPO that incorporated Reading's rich history with ideas drawn from the Museum's collection of cultural artefacts.
Reading Museum web site.

The t-shirts, banners and head dresses were launched at performances in Reading and at the Notting Hill Carnival. More...

The Reading town centre performance previewed RASPO's repertoire especially arranged by the CultureMix team.

The orchestra will travel to London on Monday morning to set up the instruments and decorate the forty-five foot long floating stage before embarking on the procession through the streets of West London.

The Notting Hill Carnival is an annual event that started in 1966. Since then every year the streets of West London come alive, with the sounds and smells of Europe's biggest street festival.

Shopper video of RASPO playing in Reading town centre on 23 August 2013 .

The carnival launches on Saturday with Panorama - the national steel band championships. Bank Holiday Sunday is Family Day with a Children's Parade.

The main procession takes place on Monday with twenty miles of floats, steel bands and vibrant colourful costumes surround 40 static sound systems, hundreds of Caribbean food stalls, over 40,000 volunteers and around one million Notting Hill carnival revellers.

London Notting Hill Carnival website - NEW

RASPO wear their new t-shirts inspired by Reading Museum collections.

RASPO wear their new t-shirts inspired by Reading Museum collections.

RASPO T-shirt back

RASPO t-shirts with Reading Museum inspired designs

Emma Macedo incorporated the ideas of the design team for the Reading Museum project. Her design idea graces the back of RASPO's new t-shirts.

RASPO T-shirt front

Anisha Thomas' Reading Museum inspired design the front of RASPO's t-shirts

Anisha Thomas's design for the front of the t-shirts came about with ideas inspired by Reading Museum's archive collection showing the history of biscuits, beer, and bulbs. The 3B's for which Reading is famous.

In June 2014 Anisha received a Bronze Arts Award from Reading Museum for compiling the t-shirt design portfolio on behalf of RASPO. The t-shirt is now on permanent display in Reading Museum.
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