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The Story of Steel Pan - Black History Month 2013

Inspired by the historic events which brought steel pan music to Britain in the 1950s RASPO hosted The Story of Steel Pan to celebrate October's Black History Month.

The audience were treated to an intimate look into the mysterious world of steel band culture. Live music and street dance were interwoven with informative nuggets on the history and origins, how pans are made, and the growth of steel bands in schools.

The first half culminated in a performance from Reading's Got Talent finalists special guest artists Swag Out Revolutionz before the offer to have a go at trying out steel pans during the break was eagerly taken up.

RASPO musicians and arrangers coordinated the mini workshop and got the audience members playing together much to everyone's delight.

The second half showcased RASPO at it's best with everyone up on their feet, clapping and dancing to the calypso beat. Swag Out danced freestyle to Billie Jean for a rousing finale to a fantastic evening of 'cultural edutainment'.

A big thank you to RASPO Steel Orchestra musicians Dani, Paul, Nicholas, Mary, Nathifa, Anisha Abi, Annie, Florence, Rosie, Godley, Aisha and Simona.

And a special thank you goes to each and every dancer in Swag Out Revolutionz especially manager and choreographer Lashon 'Lcar Rich' (15), and 'Lil Breaker' (10), 'Channy B' (9), 'TiTayNium' (8), 'Yung Ohtz' (10), '2-Step' (14), '3Run' (13), 'Fluid' (14), 'B-Girl Syd' (12), 'Retro' (14), 'Overdrive' (16), and Principal of the Reading School of Dance Josie Norman.

RASPO Steel Orchestra with street dancers Swag Out Revolutionz.

RASPO Steel Orchestra with street dancers Swag Out Revolutionz.

The Story of Steel Pan - a Black History Month celebration with RASPO Steel Band

Black History Month

Blog post 23 October 2013

The Story of Steel Pan is a celebratory concert featuring music from Reading All Steel Percussion Orchestra and a performance from special guest dancers Swag Out Revolutionz. More...

About Swag Out

Swag Out dancers rehearse with RASPO Steel Orchestra

Aged from as young as eight years old the Swag Out dancers are organised, ambitious and adaptable.

Led by fifteen year old manager and choreographer Lashon 'Lcar Rich', the street dance crew are definitely going places.