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Create a Carnival

Bring the sunshine of a Caribbean Carnival to your school or venue with a delectable choice of carnival activities for your students and participants.

Play Calypso, create a steel band, cook Caribbean food, decorate the float, make percussion instruments, join the masquerade in your carnival head dress, wave your flag and dance in the Carnival procession.

Create a Carnival offers you the ideal tailor made activity and celebration to suit all abilities, ages and requirements. More... Contact us to Create your Carnival!

Carnival Costume Making
Design and make carnival costumes and head dresses. Ideal for schools, group activities and Caribbean projects. Our experienced carnival artists will help you make fancy head dresses that are easy to make.

Percussion Instrument Making
Using found materials make unusual percussion instruments to complement your carnival rhythms. A range of real percussion instruments from the Caribbean, Brazil, Africa and Asia inspire ideas

Flags and Banners
Ensure your procession is larger than life with colourful flags, pennants and banners. Easy designs ideal for groups of all sizes and ages.

Caribbean Carnival Procession Dance
Carnival dance workshops ensure your procession masqueraders show off their costumes to the best effect with Caribbean style dance steps that work on the spot or on the move. Ideal for class groups and larger hall sized groups.

Afro-Cuban Dance
We also offer dance workshops in African kzumba, Cuban rumba mixed with contemporary jazz flavours for a diverse and dynamic dance experience.

Caribbean Poetry and Storytelling
Our resident storyteller and poet reads traditional and modern stories and poems from the Caribbean inspiring small to medium sized groups to create their own stories and poems.

Steel Pan Music Workshops
Don't forget the music! No carnival procession or parade is complete without the sound of steel pans playing calypso.
Click here to go to Steel Pan Music Workshops.

Carnival masqueraders show off their fire themed head dresses

Carnival masqueraders show off their fire themed head dresses

Carnival costume workshops - Reading Chronicle

Carnival Workshops - Press

Whitley Excellence Cluster and Aspire2 made it possible for carnival workshops to take place in South Reading launching the first RASPO Mas Camp in Reading. More...

Create a Carnival


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Carnival Dance

Richard Benn dances on stage with RASPO at Womad

Learn all the right dance moves to show off the costumed masqueraders in your carnival procession.