Junior Watson

Reggae Artist

Junior Watson brings the message of Peace and Love with roots reggae music.

He is the founder and vocalist of  IYA Rebels who kicked off 2018 with an album launch at the Purple Turtle Bar in Reading for the Peace and Love Concert with a summer performance at Readipop Festival.  The new album ‘Nadah’ offers an intensely satisfying selection of Junior’s original polemic consciousness, with rich harmonies and infectious roots reggae rhythms.

IYA Rebels’ line up of musical talent includes bass player Derrick Taylor (Roachford, Gabrielle, All Saints, Marcia Griffiths, Bob Andy), Kwame Richardson on drums, percussionist Simon Robinson,  guitarist Tony Herbert (Kassav’, Mighty Sparrow), and until August 2018 keyboard player and vocalist the late Dani Richardson (Gabrielle, Soloman, X Factor finalist Nate Simpson).

In 2016 Junior joined the Mighty Dub Generators as a guest vocalist.  MDG producers Klive Farhead and Will Hitchins brought together singers like Earl Sixteen and players from classic outfits like The Revolutionary Dub Warriors to record reggaefied rock classics ‘The Model’ and ‘Children of the Revolution’ dubbed up by master sound mixer Will.   Junior joined MDG for a tour of UK festivals appearing at One Love, Sunrise, Shindig, Out West and Glastonbury.

Look out for the first self penned solo recording from Junior in 2019 with producer Don Chandler.

Junior Watson with Don Chandler and session musicians in BBMC Recording Studio Willesden- image by Mary Genis

Junior Watson with Don Chandler and the recording studio team.


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