Black History Month

October is Black History Month. A month of national celebrations that aims to promote the positive contributions made by African Caribbean people to British society.

CultureMix Arts celebrates Black culture all year round as a reminder of the importance of equality and inclusion through engagement, entertainment and education.

The poster is for RASPO Steel Band music classes at Central Club in Reading

First coined by US Historian Carter G Woodson in 1926. In England it was first celebrated in October 1987 to improve racial harmony in London. Black History Month has since become a calendar highlight in countries all over the world and fosters a better understanding of Black culture.

The first CultureMix Arts Black History Month events took place in 1999 at the Central Club in Reading and featured young talent presenting talks, music, poetry and dancing. We continue to promote and support the development of young people through our work.

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What is Black History Month? BBC website

Black History Month events in an around Reading UK.
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