Distant Mix II - 'Pan in A Minor'

RASPO Title for Distant Mix project

For the second Distant Mix project celebrates Windrush with Triniboi Joocie singing a cover of Lord Kitchener’s ‘Pan in A Minor’ with RASPO Steel Orchestra and guests.

The video features twenty-four musicians including Monte and Louie on percussion, Ailsa Harris on tenor pan, Pax Nindi on guitar, and bass supremo Don Chandler.

With RASPO orchestration the video is a showcase of what can be achieved even during isolation. Additionally you can join in the fun with dance moves and singing from all ages involved.

Created and managed by the in house CultureMix Production team the audio and video are delivered to the highest quality despite all the footage and audio recorded on smartphones from home.

Want to get involved?

You can take part in our Carnival Parade and join RASPO for the Distant Mix challenge.

Watch The Challenge video for instructions then follow the links below to view the tutorials.