James Pyle from Reading Refocus talks to youth at Carnival of the World launch 7 July 2016

CultureMix offers business training and work experience for young people seeking a career in the creative industry.

From work experience to paid internships CultureMix offers the support needed for your first foray into the world of work.  Our simple holistic process of developing creative talents with business skills training and real life work scenarios produces positive results to enhance your prospects of winning that coveted job.

CultureMix works in partnership with schools, colleges and universities to provide talented students with access to structured training and experience working in a real life creative industry.

To be eligible you will need to be aged 15 – 25 and not in full time employment with a passion for art, music and culture.  You can be in further education or recently completed your college or university course.

Business Training Overview
Our business training is the cornerstone of all our development programmes and incorporates a broad spectrum of key transferable skills including:

  • How a business works – set up and structure, roles, products, services, sales and marketing
  • Office administration – how to efficiently run an office, paperwork, invoices, data storage
  • Project management – planning a successful project with timelines, roles and responsibilities
  • Communications – dealing with clients, writing good emails, positively representing your company
  • Marketing and promotion – key messages, social networking, reaching new audiences
  • Finance – how to create a balanced budget, produce and maintain usable spreadsheets
  • Confidence building – gain clarity on your ambitions and plan your career path to success.

Our bespoke paid internships are tailor made to suit the career path of a young person seeking to improve their employment opportunities.  Transferable skills gained enable interns to apply their learning in any sector. We offer one internship per year.

Internship case study – Jamah Lynam
Jamah’s involvement with CultureMix started when he joined the steel band as a teenager.  After a short work experience programme Jamah won a paid internship to develop his skills in a company and as an artist.
“CultureMix has provided me with a great job opportunity where I can still chase my dreams as an artist whilst earning a living.” 

Work experience
Through work experience young people gain an understanding of real work scenarios. Supported by a mentor participants are encouraged to fully engage in the practical activities of a working environment.

From visiting schools with our tutors, to updating the website shop the diversity of our work experience programme provides a wide reaching range of new skills that stretches expectations therefore developing confidence.

Work experience case study – Nathifa Jordan
Nathifa started with CultureMix on work experience followed by an internship and a part time role as the orchestra administrator and PA to the director.  The role enabled her natural passion for culture and business to flourish.
“I joined CultureMix as a Year 10 student on work experience and now work full time as the Business and Administration Manager.” 

Our volunteer programme provides opportunities for young people who want to give something back to their community.  Working with our Business and Administration manager volunteers bring their vital skills to a not for profit organisation whilst gaining experience and support.

Volunteer case study – Maya Bentley-Holder
Maya offered her administration services to CultureMix one day a week for three months to find out more about how a creative business works.

“Although, new to teaching and playing the steel pan, I was eager to take part and really grateful for the experience– which definitely gave me a boost of both courage and confidence!”