CultureMix Arts team building steel band workshop set up

Here you can find useful information about the steel pan instrument including the history and origins, how they are made, and setting up your own steel band.

Our Resources section is ideal for the steel pan fan, educational purposes and for anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge about cultural music and carnival arts.

Steel Pans

You can purchase the full range of steel pan musical instruments, from affordable starter sets ideal for schools to professional chromed instruments for discerning musicians.

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How to set up a Steel Band

A step by step guide on how set up a steel band for your school or community group. From how to start, and where can you source the instruments to structuring the workshops and arrangements for the music.

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Pan Tuning

Do your steel pans need tuning? Our specialist tuner will help to maintain your steel pan instrument in tip top condition. Find out here how steel pans are made and tuned.

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Steel Pan History

The steel pan is the national musical instrument of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Created in the 1930s from discarded oil drums it is now globally popular for education and entertainment.

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Reading Black History Mural

The birthplace of RASPO Steel Orchestra the Reading Central Club building Mural is a distinctive 36' long artwork illustrating the Black History timeline featuring global icons like Bob Marley.

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