Team Building

Image shows chromed and painted steel pan drums set up for team building workshop on grey carpet with a Teamwork wordle mural on the wall and an open door. Image by Mary Genis

Thinking about your next team building event?

What would you say if we told you we could turn your team into a fully functioning steel band in under two hours?


It couldn’t be simpler. All we need is: 

  • Your team 
  • Our steel pans
  • 2 hours 

Within five minutes, we can guarantee that every member of your team will have successfully played their first notes.

By the end of the two-hour session, they will have transformed into a bona fide steel pan orchestra playing in perfect harmony.

Why does harmony matter?

When a team works in harmony they can easily come together and support one another to achieve a common goal. 

The outcome? Greater productivity!

Get a taste of what harmony feels like

Witness your team coming together and working in harmony. An unmissable experience that you’ll watch unfold before your eyes. 

Steel pan drum instruments set up in a large room


There are many reasons why steel pans are the perfect team building tool – and why our workshops make such a good team building activity.

Childs play

Anyone can play a steel pan, so every member of your team will be able to contribute in some way. Within the first five minutes, they will have learned the intro to the first song. Then, as the session draws to a close and they have managed to play not one but two songs, they will experience a growing sense of accomplishment, individually and collectively – the result of mastering something extraordinary as a team. 

Beyonce to Beethoven

From calypso to pop to classical music, we’ve got your tastes covered.  We want you and your teams to feel the transformative power of our workshops firsthand, experiencing through our steel pans the full extent of what you can achieve when you work together. 

We wouldn’t want your team to miss out because a type of music doesn’t fit your organisation’s ethos.  If pop and calypso feel too frivolous – or maybe they are exactly what you want – we have several classical pieces in our repertoire.


Music engages all the senses, making a lasting impression that you can easily draw upon once you are back in the office: how the music made the team feel, the sense of accomplishment as they struck the final note, along with the realisation that anything is possible when you work together in harmony.


The team building workshop can take place on your premises or at our music centre in central Reading. Prices are subject to individual requirements, but the average cost per participant for a 2-hour workshop ranges between £50 and £75 per participant. Based on your requirements, we will build a bespoke package for your company. Please note our premises can hold a maximum of 20 people.

Here are a couple of sample packages to use as a guide.

Package One

Client premises

60 people 

30 steel pans – 2 people per steel pan

2 hours


Package Two

Our premises – Caribbean experience

15 people 

15 steel pans – 1 person per steel pan

90 minutes


What next?

Ask us about booking a workshop today!