Carnival of the World 2024

A black girl close up in strong sunlight with corn row hair and blue white face paint wearing an orange top

Join us on Saturday 10 August for our annual showcase event celebrating diversity with a live stage and the Broad Street Parade of carnival costumes.

The free event takes place in Broad Street Reading from midday to 5pm and showcases music, dance and costumes from Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and The Caribbean.

Past events featured a range of local and international artists including RASPO, Ylê De Egbá (Brazil), Triniboi Joocie, Earl Sixteen, Soca Massive, Mahogany Mas and many more.

Read more about Carnival of the World here.

An outdoor carnival music stage in a black marquee with an orange and blue banner backdrop, 3 black congas, a red drum kit, a set of black bass steel pans and four microphones on stands.

Images by Robert Varga, Tina Panting, Julia Brazil and Mary Genis