Anisha Thomas

Visual Artist and Musician

When I joined RASPO in 2009 I was already mad about art, colour, expression and music.

At the time I had also decided to take art as a subject for my GCSEs and the theme for my final exam that year was “I, Me, Mine”. This encouraged me to explore my hopes, fears, capabilities, my family, all those close to my heart and the places and events that have shaped me.

As this process developed and I became a part of the RASPO family all of these elements became combined, from the elation of my first orchestra gig to my new friends and inspirations in the panyard and the amazing experiences I have had with RASPO including our trip to Ireland in 2010. I naturally chose to paint a steel pan as my final piece as the perfect representation of “I, Me, Mine”.

More than ten years later and I’m still enamoured and enchanted by the steel pan but through being part of the RASPO family I have developed my art and music beyond what I thought I would ever be capable of.

As an artist I am influenced by the works of impressionists like Claude Monet and fauvist artists like Henry Matisse. Translating emotion through colour and light is something I strive for in all my pieces and the steel pan is the perfect subject to convey this not only through the beauty of its structure but also the joy of music that emanates from it.

Anisha produces exclusive limited t-shirt designs for RASPO and the CultureMix shop. View here.