Black Lives Matter

Black History Mural detail - Central Club Reading

Statement from Mary Genis – Artistic Director CultureMix Arts Ltd

The shocking events that have unfolded over the last few weeks triggered by the killing of George Floyd during arrest by US police for the world to witness harks back to the 18th Century when slaves were plantation property.

I cannot express my disappointment although with no surprise that here we are in reverse; going back to apartheid, back to segregation, back to the place no one wants to be, the place where there is a divide between black and white and currently the subject of many debates and headlines.

Black History Mural - Central Club Reading
Black History Mural – Central Club Reading UK

I am deeply saddened that my ancestors – whose lives and identities, were greatly compromised, and the parents who escaped Caribbean poverty for better prospects in the mother country – will be turning in their graves to know that their history has been decimated.

Black History Mural detail poster on black poster paper
Black History Mural Reading

Britain was one of the forerunners in the slave business pioneering methods and systems to get the most out of this lucrative and disposable economy fed by human beings with a different skin colour.

It is time to stand up for Black people, to address the decades of micro-aggressions that underpin institutional racism, to share and educate. To reclaim our identity by acknowledging the history and Britains role in that.

The word ‘CultureMix’ celebrates our heritage sharing the richness of our lost identity with the world, regardless of skin colour, age or ability. As an organisation we are working to eliminate racism through dialogue and education.

What is racism? Racism is prejudice combined with power. If you really want to make changes it must happen with senior management and the decision makers.

We can no longer be passively inclusive. Being anti-racist is a proactive action, one that takes effort. One that requires all of us to challenge and stand up against so we can have a better life a better future.

Become a CultureMix ally

CultureMix has always tackled racism through our work, our actions, strategically as Board members, advisors to government bodies and most importantly as professional representatives and positive role models.

Become an anti-racist ally with CultureMix. We are offering support to ALL communities who want to join the journey towards a better more equal life. We offer guidance at the tables of the decision makers for change, insights, dialogue and debates on anti-racism and educational tools on how we can make changes together.

CultureMix conversations

CultureMix Conversations is underpinned by diversity and inclusion but allows all of us regardless of skin colour to learn how we can be better anti-racist allies; to have those uncomfortable exchanges about the experiences of Black people; to understand the history; and to ask those challenging questions in a safe environment.

Contact us here for our CultureMix BLM Resource Pack including a book reading list, definitions and Black History at a glance.

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Posted 21 June 2020